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February 2023

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Jeff & Sharon serving in Central Asia –  Pray that those who follow Jesus would mature in their faith in 2023. Pray that more workers would come, since 99.8% of this country still walks in darkness. Pray that believers would be able to forgive one another and value meeting together. Pray that young men and women would find work and work joyfully as they grow in responsibility at work, at home and in their fellowships. Pray that in 2023 we grow in our closeness to God and depend on him more than our own strengths.

Cambodia Outreach – (Director: Kathi Ferris) – Over the course of the recent holiday season, Asia’s Hope hosted several outreach events. Collectively, the Gospel was shared with over 5,300 people in local communities. Please pray for those who attended, that their hearts would be open, and they would accept and grow in their faith in Jesus. Cambodia just had their 12th grade graduation for the children in the Battambang, and most of them will begin university soon. In addition, several students will also begin a new STEM (Science and Technology) program. Praise God that the children are doing well academically. Pray they stay focused on their studies and have confidence for a successful future as young adults.

Yucatan Outreach – Please continue to pray for God to raise up more devoted leaders to serve with the Mission House to make disciples of Christ in the Yucatan. Pray that God would empower the seven village churches to grow and be a light for Jesus. Pray for the forming of an Akron high school team for a short-term summer mission trip.


Craig and Carol Lynn Rucin serving in Poland – Please pray for the Ukrainian refugees we continue to help. February will mark the anniversary of the invasion, and hope for returning home is becoming harder to hold on to, especially when their family members were without power and heat back in Ukraine. Please pray for Craig and Carol Lynn as they set up an outreach tour for the Moody Chorale in May. Now that they have committed to the tour, we need to make reservations, venues and travel arrangements, as well as follow-up material for those who come to Christ through it. Please pray for Carol Lynn who has several new students who wish to study English with her. Pray for wisdom as to which students to accept and for opportunities to share the gospel with current and future students.

Mozambique Outreach (Director: Michael Boso) – Please pray for Pastor L. He is the assistant pastor of Pastor M, and is tasked with the B. church. We have helped with a motorcycle to assist him in transportation. The church is growing, and a second work is possible in an area beyond B. Pray that he can develop maturity in his congregation. Pray Pastor B. and the church of M. has success as they reach out to the community of C. Pray that this year’s harvest in the fields has success and the discipleship groups continue to grow as they teach Bible principles.

India Outreach – (Director: Doug Lauer) – We praise God that the large Christmas celebration, for over 2,000 people in India, was held without any attacks or challenges. Other Christmas celebrations this year did not face challenges throughout our sponsored pastors’ churches. God is so very good! Pray for the eternal impact of both this large gathering and the many Christmas services throughout the state. A matching challenge grant from our India partners allowed Bibles to be sent to all new believers in these sponsored churches. Please pray for all these new believers. Eleven currently non-supported pastors will now be supported over the next few months because of this match. The Akron Generosity Project provided funding for a reverse osmosis water filter for one of the schools we helped to start there. A project through our Outreach Ministry WOW (Women for oppressed women) provided sanitary napkin dispensers for several of the schools and was completely funded in our designated state. Praise God that a church that was under construction for over 10 years, with numerous setbacks, was finally completed and is now being used regularly by one of our sponsored pastors and his church community. This church will be quietly dedicated given that persecution is still real and ongoing.


Amber & Edward serving in Poland – Please pray for us as we end our first family furlough (home assignment) and return to Poland, especially regarding safety for travel and smooth transitions as we say "goodbye" to family in Australia and, "hello" to friends back home. Pray for Daria (5) and Cyprian (4) as they return to Polish preschool. Ask that the Lord might provide friends for them and protection from various viruses and things that seem to spread quickly in the springtime. Pray for William (1) as he continues learning and exploring his world (which also means getting into everything!). Pray that our children will know and love Jesus and for wisdom for us as their parents as we seek to disciple them faithfully. Pray for unity as a team, for clarification regarding ministry roles and achievable expectations as we begin our next term.

International Outreach – (Director: Stephen Morris) – We look forward to what God is going to do through the ministry this semester. Please pray for the hearts of the students that we serve through our ESL classes and our Friday Night Dinners. Pray that God would draw them to himself and that everything we do would consistently point them to Jesus.

Vietnam Outreach – Pray that God would lead and strengthen the Love Homes (Bible Fellowships) and churches in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Pray that the church planters and pastors would be bold to share the message of Christ in the different villages. The recent Christian book we published, and several re-published books, have helped the church in Vietnam tremendously. Please pray for the believers to grow in Christ and be steadfast in their faith even amid persecution.


Dan & Lucia serving in W. Africa – Here is a great praise item! The Tonka (pseudonym) Old Testament translation is progressing well. Translator, Joshua, just completed the first draft of Ecclesiastes and has begun translating the Song of Solomon. Translator, Ousmane, just finished the first draft of Jeremiah and Lamentations and has begun translating the 13 Minor Prophets, starting with Hosea. Once they have completed these books, the entire Old Testament will be in at least rough draft. Pray that the progress will continue unhindered for the translation, the necessary revisions and required checks. Pray also for translator/translation consultant, Moses, who is helping with these revisions and working to complete his master’s degree in Hebrew this year. Pray, too, for Dan and Lucia as they plan their year and for Lucia's health to improve.

Nancy Ware serving Refugees in North Akron – Pray for Ehr, Ehya, and Nay that they would be drawn to Christ. Ask God to work in the hearts of the younger kids as we study the Bible. They are very curious and have many questions. Ask God to provide more drivers for Sunday school and to start moving in the hearts of potential volunteers for summer school. Thaw starts preschool soon to get extra speech therapy. Pray that it is effective.

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