Local Outreach

Living the Gospel at Home

Jesus says that our love will be what identifies us as His disciples (John 13:35). As passionately as we seek to be ambassadors of God’s love and redemption across the globe, our desire is to be just as passionate about love and redemption in our own city.

We seek to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors by meeting them where they are at. Sometimes this means meeting basic needs like meals for neighbors in the Wadsworth area. Other times it means identifying ways to partner with local organizations to enrich the lives of people groups within our community. And other times still it means opening our facilities to promote connection, play, and fellowship through events and activities. The common heartbeat through it all is love - for the glory of God.

One consistent method of outreach service at Wadsworth is our support for the work of the local Youth For Christ. Known simply as "The Garage", this ministry continues to help the at-risk and fringe youth in Wadsworth. Through club meetings, hang out time and mentoring, The Garage encourages these youth to think critically about their life choices and matters of faith. Our desire - with The Garage - is that these young leaders find freedom and purpose through a daily walk with Jesus.

Zac Derr

Lead Pastor at Wadsworth

“We desire to love Wadsworth with compassionate conviction as a faithful witness to the good news that Jesus Christ died for sinners like us and rose from the grave, demonstrating his unique authority to give eternal life to all who obey him.”

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