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High school age teenagers are growing up fast and it can be amazing the things they are capable of doing. They look at the Bible with a freshness and sometimes with such excitement you cannot help but allow it to motivate you to greater affection for God.

We believe Church is a gift that God has given the followers of Jesus. A Church is a community that comes alongside to help and encourage followers in their journey through life. We are ready to join you, to come alongside you in the teaching and loving of your children. We hope students will know the love that God has for them and call out to Him as their Father. We hope that they find friends and love as they begin their relationship with Jesus. We hope that they learn what God has in store for them, and they learn how they might begin to give back to those around them.


In a world of social media and amazing video graphic effects where things are not always as they seem, its good for children to know there is a place where they can find authenticity and where they can be real people. We strive to create an atmosphere where students can be themselves and find their identity and self-worth in a God who loves them.


God intends for us to experience the joy of life. We work hard to create a fun, safe atmosphere where students can feel comfortable to laugh and enjoy themselves.


We want every high school student to find friends and mentors who will continue to encourage them in their relationship with God. At a stage where children are learning how to manage new stressors we desire this ministry to be a support and a joy for your child.