Global Outreach

Partnering with Nations for God’s Glory

God’s desire for redemption spans the entire Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the desire for His creation to know and enjoy Him is found on every page. And still, there are over 7,000 people groups in the world who have never heard the story of God’s redemptive love.

At The Chapel, we are committed to seeing people from different cultures, believing in Jesus by proclaiming the Gospel and extending mercy, belonging to family by connecting them to the local church, becoming a disciple of Christ through equipping and training and building God’s Kingdom through planting churches.

We have partnered in sharing the gospel and making disciples in five targeted areas of the world:  Cambodia, India, Mozambique, Vietnam and the Yucatán, Mexico. We partner with local believers in these areas helping to rescue orphans, establish churches, equip pastors, empower leaders and extend mercy. Practical needs also exist and we work ferociously to meet them - medical assistance, clean water, agricultural development programs and more. We also send out workers in other places of the world where indigenous church leaders are not available to do the work of evangelism and discipleship.  Through all of our efforts, we hope to make the name of God great and His glory known.

And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. Revelation 5:9

Global Lead

The purpose of Global Lead is to serve those in ministry through training and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication.

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Women for Oppressed Women (W.O.W.)

W.O.W. seeks to meet the needs of women locally and around the world who are emotionally, physically or spiritually oppressed.

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Global Outreach Regions



Our outreach efforts in Cambodia focus on supporting family-style care for orphaned children who are cared for, loved, and given the hope of Jesus through our missions partner, Asia's Hope. We currently support three homes with around 20 children in each home. One home is in a village of Prek Eng (PE 1 Home) and the other two homes are in the city of Battambang (BB 6 & BB 11 Homes).

Local leaders have also asked us to come alongside them and help to train and equip the next generation of leaders for the work of planting churches throughout Cambodia.

How to Support:  

Pray for the children that are rescued. Go on a short-term Vision/Mission trip to Cambodia, or financially support Asia's Hope.

Quick Facts

Largest Religion: Buddhism 85.1%

% Evangelical Christians: 2.0%

Unreached People Groups: 31

Official Language:  Khmer

Population:  15.8 Mil.

Mission Partner: Asia’s Hope

Orphan Home Updates

Visit and like our Facebook Groups for each home to see updated photos & videos.


In India, our outreach efforts are two-fold: church planting, and extending support for local schools and medical assistance projects. Our church planting efforts are focused in Northwest India where we partner with local church leaders to plant new churches and equip pastors so that they may spread the gospel.

How to Support:

Pray for strength and boldness for the pastors in Northwest India and that God uses all our support efforts to reach the oppressed and marginalized in India. Commit to supporting Northwest India pastors so that they can continue ministering the Gospel in their tribal community. Go on a short-term mission trip to help train, empower, and provide for physical needs to the people of India.

Quick Facts

Largest Religion: Hinduism 80.9%

% Evangelical Christians: 2.2 %

Official Language: Hindi

Population: 1.3 Billion

Mission Partner: Good Shepherd Church of India


We are excited and grateful to partner directly with the local church in Mozambique for our outreach efforts - Free Evangelical Assembly (FEA). We focus on planting new churches in the Gaza Province and work with local leaders to equip and train pastors to share the gospel. Additionally, we work with a missions organization, Gaza Works, who assists the church to support local practical needs such as agricultural development and clean water projects.

How to Support:  

Pray that God would strengthen the church in Mozambique and for the church leaders to stand for the truth of Christ. Also, pray that God uses our relief work for the advancement of the Gospel. Give financially to Outreach that supports the work of church empowerment as well as go on short-term mission trips to help teach and support the local ministry in Mozambique.

Quick Facts

Prominent Religions:  Zionist and Animism or Ancestral Worship 43%

% Evangelical Christians: 13.2%

Language:  Portuguese, Tsonga & Shangaan

Population:  27.2 Mil.

Mission Partner: Free Evangelical Assembly (FEA) Local Church

Yucatán, Mexico

We partner with Mission House in the Yucatán Peninsula to plant churches, train pastors and meet practical needs like medical assistance in Mayan village communities.

How to Support:

Pray that God would strengthen the church in His power and make His name great in all the Yucatan region. Give financially to Outreach, which supports the church planting work in the Yucatán. Go on a short-term mission trip to help train, empower, and lead outreaches to the Mayan people of the Yucatán.

Quick Facts

Prominent Religions:  Maya Religion, Animism, and Catholicism

% Evangelical Christians:  4.0%

Language:  Mayan & Spanish

Population:  126 Mil.

Mission Partner:  Mission House

Find out more about our partnering pastors and their church-planting ministries in the Yucatan.

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We partner directly with two local groups in Vietnam: the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECV), and Pastor Minh Dang of the Vietnamese Church at The Chapel. In both cases, our focus is on planting new churches and equipping new leaders.

How to Support:

Pray for strength and boldness for the church in Vietnam. Give financially to Outreach, which helps support Love Homes (small Bible fellowships) and the building of new churches in Vietnam. Go on a short-term mission trip to help churches do local outreaches and training for church leaders.

Quick Facts

 Largest Religion: Buddhism  52%

% Evangelical Christians: 2.3%

Unreached People Groups: 67

Official Language: Vietnamese

Population: 93.8 Mil.

Mission Partner: Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECV) & Pastor Minh Dang of the Vietnamese Church at The Chapel

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