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Zac Derr
Zac Derr: Lead Pastor

Although described as “diminutive” in a late ‘90s edition of the University of Akron football media guide and affectionately called Smurfy by his mother, Zac would be quite tall for a hobbit.  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, he earned an undergraduate degree in Emergency Management from The University of Akron, and a master’s degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Serving as our Lead Pastor since the Fall of 2010, Zac and Hilary, along with Jillian Davy (10), Andrea (8), Abram (6) and Simeon (4) enjoy reading, wrestling, home improvement projects and “farming” their little slice of Wadsworth.

Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill: Worship Director

Prior to moving to Wadsworth to become our worship leader early in 2016, Jonathan and his family spent time in Iowa, Missouri and the Dallas, Texas, area where Jonathan was raised. Before the joys of marriage, parenting and vocational ministry, Jonathan worked as professional opera singer in New York City; his favorite is The Magic Flute. Married to Angela, who Jonathan happens to think is the best wife on the planet, the Hill’s enjoy their two very special daughters, Lisette (4) and Lydia (2) and their new baby boy, Jude. When not absorbed in music and coffee, he loves collecting antique legos (who doesn’t?), reading, getting outdoors with the family and spending time at the beach (he’s still warming up to Lake Erie.)

Anita Adams

Anita Adams: Campus Manager

Anita is our Campus Manager which means she pretty much runs the joint. A native California girl, Anita has been part of the church for over 14 years and on the staff team more than a decade, beginning as a part time book keeper. Having attended only 1 basketball game in her entire life, one moderately embarrassing encounter with Malone University star forward, Rex Adams, marked the beginning of a life filled with basketball! Married for some 27 years, Rex and Anita have thoroughly enjoyed and occasionally only endured innumerable games of basketball, volleyball and football with Austin (22, Hillsdale College), Mallory (20, Malone University) and Tessa (17, Highland High School). In her spare time, Anita enjoys cooking and dreaming of the beach.


Jane Wiita: Kids Ministry Director

Once a fledgling Ostrich entrepreneur (she may be your only chance to meet one!), Jane has been part of the church since just before Y2K. She and Joel, whom she met at Wheaton College in Illinois, are raising 4 wonderful children: Jenna (19) is studying at Hillsdale College, while Isaac (17), Deron (14) and Lydia (12) are schooled at home. Before the full joys of kids, the move to Ohio and the Ostrich endeavor Jane taught inner city high school in Chicago. She has a passion for teaching, be it a Bible study for adults, a homeschool co-op art class for students, or filling in with the littles on Sunday morning. As our Director of Kids Ministry, Jane creatively and effectively brings children and their families face-to-face with Jesus.

Alan Bowdler

Alan Bowdler: Student Ministries Director

Born and raised in East Liverpool, with the British accent to boot, Alan grew up on the banks of the Ohio River just as it leaves Pennsylvania. (It’s a bit of a riddle.) Alan is our youth leader, having joined us in the Fall of 2015. An undergraduate business major at the University of Akron, where he met Jesus and became heavily involved in campus ministry, Alan is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree through Knox Theological Seminary. Alan is rightly described as a breath of fresh air or the master of fun. He enjoys most anything outdoors, particularly soccer and gardening, and most anything indoors, so long as he’s in the company of friends, with none more desirable than his best friend Samantha, whom he married in 2013. To many young men stinging from unrequited love, Alan is likely to recommend asking her out again, and again, then again and again. It worked swimmingly for him!